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Equality is inconspicuous in Cricket !

The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. this is how we define equality. In last few years women did really a good job by showing the world their potentiality. But still they are unable to attract a huge number of fans and followers like men cricketer did. It because they need more time, proper guidance and support. Not accepting those facts some specialist even suggesting to bring glamour into ladies cricketers. But fortunately most of the people related to cricket authorities are believing on women cricket. They are believing on talent and equality, which is really a good sign.

Here are some facts which should immediately need to take care of to establish equality –

  1. If we need equality in field, then we need equality in gallery. I mean more ladies to watch cricket, to talk about cricket, to love cricket , to dream about involving in cricket.

2. We need to stop addressing “women” again and again. Let me explain. If a match is running between Bangladesh and India, normally we say ‘Bangladesh vs India’. But when this same game is playing between ladies, we just address Bangladeshi women vs Indian women, which is clearly unnecessary when we already addressed it’s an women competition in first place. Women or men whenever who are playing they are representing a nation, so telling us this is women’s game again and again is not actually helping at all.

Watch Here  Brother in law vs Brother in law | BPL 2015 is getting more interesting than ever !

3. Umpirage, Commentary, coaching, managing a team those are the sectors where we need more involvement of women.

4. Cricketers posing in bikini or anything controversial like that is not working. So it need to be stopped for everyone’s good.




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