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Penalty runs for Victorians|Chittagong Vikings vs Comilla Victorians 03 December 2015|bpl 3

So many records today. First D/L method, now penalty runs. Probably this is the first time in Bangladesh Premier League’s history that fielder punished with penalty runs. In Comilla’s innings while 1.5 over is running, Dilshan deliberately tried to stop Kayes and five penalty runs has been awarded to the Victorians by umpire.

Anyone wants to know about penalty runs in cricket, can check the following lines – 

Five penalty runs are awarded to the batting (or to the batsman in some cases) if:

  • The ball strikes a fielder’s helmet when it is on the field but not being worn.
  • A fielder willfully fields the ball other than with his person (for example, using a cap or other item of clothing).
  • The ball is touched by a fielder who has returned to the field without the umpire’s permission.
  • The umpires decide that the fielding team have illegally changed the condition of the ball.
  • The fielding team deliberately distract or obstruct the batsman. (If the distraction or obstruction occurs before the striker receives the ball, the fielding team must first receive a warning, however penalty runs are awarded for the first instance of such an infringement after the striker has received the ball.)
  • The fielding team deliberately pushes the ball in play to the boundary (for example in order to bowl at the weaker batsman).
  • After being warned, the fielding team damage the protected area of the pitch or deliberately waste time between overs.



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